In very cold weather, your skin needs even more attention and comfort. Protect it from winter aggressions with a moisturizing and soothing care routine.
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What are the effects of the cold on our skin?
It’s no secret that cold is far from being the best friend of the skin. Low temperatures, cold winds, low humidity, and heating systems are the main causes of dry skin .
In winter, there is a tendency to hang out longer under hot water. This habit can contribute to the drying of the skin. Indeed, showers and hot baths weaken the upper layer of the skin, making it more sensitive to irritation.
The lack of sun makes the complexion duller, less radiant. To get a sufficient dose of vitamin D, you must be exposed to the sun for at least 15 minutes a day. The lack of vitamin D weakens the immune system and the level of energy, which will be reflected very quickly on your skin. However, do not forget to protect your skin against UV rays, even in winter to prevent premature aging. Apply a good layer of sunscreen to your face and neck every morning before going out.
Another effect of cold is that the blood vessels contract and the blood migrates primarily to the vital organs to warm the body. The cutaneous layer is less supplied with water but also with sebum (the sebaceous glands slow down), the stratum corneum (surface of the skin) dries up, can tug and itch in the hands, the face, the feet or the legs.

The skin is the most exposed organ to the cold.
Because of its surface and its direct contact with our environment, the skin is the most exposed organ to cold and wind. The skin plays a major role in regulating body temperature. When it is cold, the small vessels of the skin contract in order to limit the loss of heat. Result: the skin is less vascularized, so less well nourished.
Go from hot to cold, and conversely intensifies the dilatation of small vessels of the face. It starts with diffuse redness, which cheeks up to you at the slightest wind. This is the harbinger of rosacea which concerns the superficial blood network of the dermis. Your beauty objective: to limit the loss of water in the epidermis and to strengthen the elasticity of the capillaries. The most effective creams in the long run are those that contain plant extracts like Sothys cream.
In addition, the wind has a drying and stripping effect on the epidermis: the skin peels, it becomes rough.Finally, in winter, the fatty acids responsible for the good cohesion of the cutaneous barrier is modified: the winter skin treats its poly-unsaturated fatty acids against monounsaturated fatty acids, less effective. Hence a physiological dryness of the skin after the cold.

What are the effects of cold on the skin:
• dryness with scales (small scales) visible
• itching
• roughness and ingrown hairs
• tightness
• greater sensitivity or intolerance to certain cosmetics
• slowing of healing

How to protect sensitive skin from cold?

When the skin is already sensitive, the cold may worsen the situation, and make the skin intolerant. We must therefore take care of sensitive skin in several ways:
1. Avoid aggressing the skin during the toilet: if your cleansing lotion provokes pulling – Tips from DERMAVISION: Opt for an ultra-soft milk – Sothys Comfort Cleansing Milk (Hypoallergenic creamy milk with Spa ™ active ingredients: Cotton extract to soften and Spa Thermal Water ™ to balance the threshold of tolerance and help the skin to durably decrease its sensitivity).

2. Strengthen hydration and protection in the morning and evening: a nourishing care melting but not greasy must ensure the comfort of your skin throughout the day and during the night. Tips from DERMAVISION: Soothing cream velvet (Daily protection essential to comfort Sensitive skin The soothing cream is a real touch for sensitive skin with a dry tendency). Active ingredients: Moisturizing complex – to optimize the synthesis of filaggrine, a key protein of the barrier function and to maintain an optimal hydration rate, Spa Thermal Water ™ to balance the threshold of tolerance and to help the skin to durably diminish its sensitivity, Leaf extract of wild jasmine to reduce cellular hyperreactivity responsible for sensations of cutaneous discomfort. Soy Phospholipids – to help the skin protect itself from external aggressions.

How to protect dry skin from the cold?

Under the effect of cold, dry skin becomes very dry, even difficult to feed and heal. Several reflexes are to be adopted from the first frost, to avoid the transition to eczema or crevices:
1. Keep your skin warm. In order to avoid the vasoconstriction that aggravates the drought, equip yourself! It may sound obvious, but are you sure you wear gloves every day? To adequately protect your legs from the cold.

2. Wash gently. Foaming cleansing gels often dissolve the good fatty acids in the skin. In winter, to preserve this precious inter-cellular cement, it is better to use rich milks and ultra-soft, especially if your water is limestone. For a soft toilet- Try the milks – Tips from DERMAVISION: Cleansing milk vitality (with grapefruit extract to remove make-up and tone). , Comfort Cleansing Milk (hypoallergenic with Spa ™ Thermal Water for daily make-up remover), Clear Cleansing Milk (delicate with witch hazel extract to cleanse and unify).

3. Moisturize daily. Your skin lacks fatty acids to maintain the cohesion of the epidermis. You must arm yourself with a releasing lip balm to nourish your skin after the shower. Tips from DERMAVISION: Moisturizing cream 3Ha moisturizes the skin immediately and protect it day after day. Assets: 1055-exclusive and patented boletus extract from the Sothys Advanced Research. Hyaluronic acid-action booster on the barrier function; action on water flows; pro-youth action; HPM (High Molecular Weight) Hyaluronic Acid in patch form + “Anti-thirst” active surface action to form a protective film and gradually diffuse the essential components of the NMF. Intensive serum moisturizing 3Ha- high efficiency formula to regenerate the skin and restore lasting hydration.The Assets: Extract of 1055 active and proprietary patented boletus extract from the Sothys Advanced Research. Hyaluronic acid booster action on the barrier function, action on water flow, pro-youth action. Hyaluronic acid BPM (low molecular weight) + Restructuring actives, action at the heart of the skin to protect epidermal stem cells for a lasting regeneration of the epidermis, plant complex – to improve the cellular communication (cross-talk) between the dermis and the epidermis.

4. You can supplement this daily care with masks and hydrating and soothing ampoules. This is the ideal season to rest your skin and pamper it.

Hydrating mask (creamy to instantly wrap the skin with softness). Assets: Hyaluronic acid HPM in free form – selected for its surface protection and its water retention action, Proprietary and patented exclusive 1055- boletus extract from Sothys advanced research. A soothing and nourishing mask (an emergency treatment with a soft and melting texture to wrap the skin with softness, maintain the balance of sensitive skin and reduce the sensation of discomfort). Active ingredients: Blue Agerate leaf extract soothes and limits the emission of inflammatory messengers at the cellular level, Blue Agerate leaf extract decongests and limits the appearance of visible signs of discomfort, Spa Thermal Water ™ balances the threshold of tolerance and helps the skin to permanently reduce its sensitivity.

Rejuvenating ampuls Sothys cosmetic treatment with targeted action to gradually reduce the appearance of redness caused by drought. Assets: VEGF booster-reduces redness after surgery, Phragmites extract and poria cocos helps to limit the appearance of redness, Boldo extract (Chili mint) helps maintain the skin’s microbiome, essential for the balance of the skin. skin. Regenerating bulbs Sothys cosmeceutical cure for an intensely hydrated and regenerated skin. Assets: Tripeptides GF: Helps the skin regain structure and firmness. Glyco-Repair ™ accelerates the recovery of skin weakened by aggression and contribute to natural skin regeneration.

Do not forget to drink a lot a of water.
But it’s not just outside the body that you have to think about hydrating when it’s cold. It is essential to drink plenty of water, tea, herbal tea or soup, so that your body does not run out of water. Moreover, the passage of very low temperatures outside at high temperatures in the homes make much sweat and dehydration inevitably.
The choice of your diet also will have an impact on the suppleness of your skin. When it’s cold, do not rush on caloric dishes, but on foods rich in essential fatty acids found in fish, eggs or hazelnuts. The fruits will also naturally moisturize your skin and give it a better elasticity.