Get a radiant complexion in time for the

    Valentine’s Day!

This is the perfect time to give love to your skin.

Zero blemishes on your skin

What could be sexier than soft skin! Whether it’s your face or your entire body, your man will love to caress your silky skin during this evening. We recommend an exfoliating treatment followed by an oxygenating and moisturizing treatment.

1. Exfoliate
The secret of a radiant mine for Valentine’s Day? Microdermabrasion eliminates dead cells on the skin’s surface, refines the skin’s texture, stimulates cell renewal and makes applied products more effective.

2. Nourishing
The key to successful make-up? perfectly moisturized skin. Do as the Stars did before their public appearance Oxygen Infusion of serums to have impeccable skin just before the party.

Buy a treatment of Oxygen serums infusion (175$) and
Receive a Microdermabrasion treatment ($135) as a gift.

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Valid until February 20, 2019.
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