With the years, the skin accumulates imperfections: wrinkles and fine lines, damages by the sun, scars, brown spots, black spots, stretch marks, etc. And if there was a technique without pain to give a shine to your skin. Microdermabrasion is a gentle treatment that exfoliates the skin to restore youthfulness.
How does microdermabrasion work?
The first layers of skin consist of the epidermis and a layer of dead cells that have a protective role against external aggression. These cells are gradually renewed. However, with aging, these cells accumulate and compact, causing visible imperfections also interfering with the function of the basal cells, responsible for the continual regeneration of the skin. If they are allowed to believe that there is sufficient cell thickness, these same cells stop the production of new cells. The elimination of dead cells thus restarts this renewal phenomenon in addition to improving the appearance of the cutaneous surface.
What are the effects on the skin?
After a microdermabrasion, the skin is softer, smooth and even. With repeated sessions, fine fine lines are smoothed out and the surface defects are reduced, the skin pores tightened, because it releases the accumulation of sebum (oil) and helps eliminate blackheads. It unifies the complexion, illuminates the skin and makes it more radiant. You will observe that your makeup is impeccably applied, with softness and consistency.

Why do microdermabrasion in winter?
A microdermabrasion treatment refines the skin texture, rids the epidermis of impurities and improves blood circulation. In addition, skin repair mechanisms are activated, resulting in the formation of new collagen and elastin in the dermis.

To regenerate the skin
With the summer just ended, the skin has thickened, especially because of exposure to the sun and the application of sun care. The mechanical action of microdermabrasion activates the regeneration process more effectively than a simple home exfoliation. In addition, it clarifies the complexion, which sometimes becomes dull with the end of the summer season.
To ensure better hydration
Dehydrated skin sometimes has trouble holding water in their cells. Thanks to the regenerating action of microdermabrasion, dead cells are eliminated and the absorption of moisturizers is much more effective.
To increase the effectiveness of products and care
Since it makes it possible to make new skin, the microdermabrasion ensures a better penetration of the products that one uses daily in the home.

Specific treatments such as microdermabrasion, radiofrequency and the treatment of dark spots are contraindicated during periods of intensive sun exposure. Indeed, these treatments can refine the superficial layer of the skin and thus make it more sensitive to the harmful effects of UV rays. That’s why it’s time to take advantage of the winter season to use this care.

Looking for an institute to offer you this essential care? Make an informed choice! Microdermabrasion is without a doubt one of the main aesthetic skincare technologies. Enjoying a great popularity, this type of treatment is a must. However, be sure to favor a certified device, a guarantee of quality and safety. This is the case of our medical-aesthetic device Derma-Pod.
The DermaPod Technology ™ microdermabrasion system projects a controlled stream of natural mineral crystals to the skin through its patented “Turbo Flow” system. This unique projection system allows your beautician to gradually erase, in a safe way, imperfections and superficial defects of your skin. With each pass on the skin, the device removes an optimal amount of surface cells to bring out younger, healthier skin.

We consider that a well exfoliated skin is the basis of any rejuvenating treatment and always suggest a mechanical cleaning of the epidermis by microdermabrasion. It is suitable for all ages, all types of skin, both men and women.

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