Inspired by tattooing, dermopigmentation is a technique that has recently developed as a medico-aesthetic technique.
It consists in introducing a pigment into the dermis with the aid of an electrical apparatus, and makes it possible to modify the color of a skin zone for a repairing or purely aesthetic purpose. Compared to the artistic tattoo, this technique requires more medical knowledge, but the principle is the same.
The pigments, well tolerated by the body, are in the form of a stable solution of colored powders.
The dyes used may be of mineral or organic origin: they must be sterile.
Permanent makeup by Microblading, by cons, is achieved by means of a device that consists of a stylet which also allows to inject bio-absorbable pigments into the dermis of the eyebrow.
Note also that Dermopigmentation is applied to eyebrows, eye contours and lips, while microblading only makes it possible to make eyebrows.
Whether we say semi permanent makeup, micro-pigmentation or dermopigmentation, the process is the same. It corrects imperfections and restores the harmony of the face in a very natural way. It is aimed at both men and women.

The technique consists in implanting natural pigments under the superficial layer of the skin, between the epidermis and the dermis, thus giving a visible coloration by transparency. This work is usually performed using a high-tech electronic device with a disposable needle.

The techniques used for dermopigmentation:
• The filling technique:
It is certainly the most known and the most widespread. As its name suggests, it consists in filling the previously defined drawing, such as a coloring. The result is similar to that obtained with a pencil or ointment.
• The technique hair by hair:
Another option, a little more natural this time, that of hair by hair. This technique creates the illusion of false hair.

A simple intervention!
Using a pistol with tiny needles (disposable and disposable) containing powdered mineral pigments, the nurse will redraw the eyebrow line and, as the case may be, fill in the gaps for a more natural look. . The color chosen should be closer to the original shade of the eyebrow.
The pigmentation thus carried out is between 1 and 5 years depending on the type of skin and the color chosen. A dark pigment will last longer than a light shade.
The dermography of the eyebrow is the ideal solution to enhance the look by simply restructuring the line of the eyebrows. If they have been dehaired too long, this technique will give the illusion of a more complete line. This process is also recommended to overcome the lack of time in the morning, in case of intolerance to make-up and to preserve it whatever the situation. In summer, during a sports activity, especially in the water, in the evening … you will appreciate all the benefits!

How is the intervention? The different stages in our clinic:
A first consultation will determine your expectations, analyze your complex and consider what is possible to achieve a result of the most aesthetic. The nurse will analyze the shape, the shade you want to obtain and its choice criteria will be oriented in view of the morphology of your face, the pigmentation of your dermis and the expected result.
A first simulation in pencil will visualize the lines then with the brush for the color in order to imagine the future course. A photo will serve as reference and reference throughout the intervention.
The procedure takes place on a cleansed face, under local anesthesia obtained by applying a cream about 40 minutes before the session. The dermograph then proceeds to the pigmentation on the agreed route after your agreement and then to the application of a healing moisturizer.
Checks and retouching (if necessary) will be done 3 weeks later.

Precautions to take:
This permanent make-up of the eyebrows is carried out according to strict hygiene standards, by means of disposable needles, sterile and quality material, with the wearing of gloves.

Dermavision pricing:
Prices range from $ 150 for a touch up to $ 450 for a complete creation. Everything is a function of the work done and the technique used. The more time spent on dermopigmentation and the area to be covered, the higher the price will be.

Last tip: Be attentive to the choice of the technician who will have the tricky task of drawing almost definitively your eyebrows. Check their skills, hygiene devices, ask questions, rely on word of mouth … An error can be expensive!