The peel is a great way to restore radiance to your face, correct skin imperfections and even skin tone.
DERMAVISION proposes a last generation chemical process, based on acids, made by specialists.

In our clinic, peeling treatments are powerful and safe. They are made with 4 active ingredients: glycolic acid (AHA) derived from sugar cane, salicylic acid (BHA), lactic acid and vitamin C derivative.

Glycolic acid is the main active – decreases the production of melanin, which has the effect of unifying and brightening the complexion. Because it stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, it also moisturizes, pulp and tone the epidermis. It even has an excellent exfoliating power, helping to eliminate dead cells, smoothing fine lines and refining skin texture.
What improvements can I expect with peels?
• decreased fine lines
• reduction of wrinkles
• greater flexibility of the skin
• decreased acne
• fight acne pimples
• decreased excess oil (oily skin)
• light to moderate levelling of acne scars
• decrease of pigment irregularities (age spots or brown spots)
• uniformity of complexion
• better hydration of the skin
• increased natural radiance of the skin
• decreased pore size

On what parts of the body can you use this system?
• face-over-the-hands
• chest-arms
• back -legs

How long does it take to recover after the procedure?
These peels are known as “lunch time peels” since there is no healing time. Clients resume their activities immediately after treatment (eg, return to the office immediately after the procedure).
How much treatment is needed to see a good result?
The number of sessions required is on average from 4 to 5.

Should we protect ourselves from the sun?
Yes anytime before and after a peel, SPF 30 protection is desirable.

Maintenance care
The glycolic peel is a maintenance care in itself. It must therefore be on the agenda at least all the changes of season.

In complementary care, we offer specialized products rich in active ingredients, such as the resurfacing program Vivescence LZ-R.E.N.E.W.A.L with three different degrees 1,2,3. These are highly recommended supplements.

Do not forget that winter is the ideal time to get a new skin without the risk of pigmentation related to the sun.

We invite you to make an appointment free of charge in our clinic to take advantage of an evaluation session. Free of charge and without obligation, this 15-minute session will allow you to obtain a personalized treatment plan adapted to your needs.